The Truth About the Best Airbrush Makeup Foundation

The Truth About the Best Airbrush Makeup Foundation A lot of women today spend a lot of time and money on various beauty products just to look their best. From clothes to makeup, everyone simply wants to look their best, especially in today’s world where people place high...
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After Being Called a Clown, Watch What These Women Did

These Amazing Beauty Bloggers Transformed Their Haters’ Demeaning Words Into Gorgeous Makeup Looks. More and more,  video bloggers are starting to reveal what really happens when you share beauty tutorials on the internet: lots and lots of makeup shaming. They get comments that called them “disgusting” for showing...
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7 Things You Need to Know About Airbrush Makeup

7 Things You Need to Know About Airbrush Makeup Have you ever wondered why models and celebrities look so perfect whenever they are featured in magazines, on billboards and on television? But in reality, they are not as flawless as they seem to be. Yet, with good makeup,...
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How to Get Rid of Cellulite: 7 Sure-fire Ways

get rid of cellulite
Do you want to know sure-fire and effective ways to get rid of cellulite? Looking at our dimply, saggy, and cellulite-ridden legs (and even arms) in the mirror especially when the light hits us just so can be terribly depressing. The good news is, things don’t have to...
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How to Make Nails Grow Faster – And Stronger!

how to make nails grow faster
So you want to learn how to make nails grow faster. The bad news: You can’t actually make your nails grow faster than nature intended. Dermatologists say they grow at a fixed rate for each individual, at an average of 1/8 inch per month. The good news: Your...
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Twenty Surprising Natural Ways To Whiten Teeth

natural ways to whiten teeth
Nowadays, people are turning to natural ways to whiten teeth because of unappealing side effects from commercial teeth whitening products. These side effects include  painful tooth sensitivity (an alarming 50% of bleaching cases!), gum irritation, uneven whiteness, blue-gray enamel, and even internal damage requiring a root canal if...
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30 Most Inspiring Beauty Quotes In Pinterest

inspiring beauty quotes
Everybody needs a daily dose of beauty quotes to remind themselves just how beautiful they are and how happiness is ours to claim every day.  Do you need some inspiration and stimulation? Here are the 20 most inspiring beauty quotes from Pinterest from women (and men) who know very...
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15 Funniest Beauty Hack Fails

beauty fails
Have you heard of beauty fails? Beauty hacks are the latest trend. There are beauty hacks for the lazy girls and there are beauty hacks for the busy women.  They’re a fast and quick solution to our beauty dilemmas. No wonder we’re repinning and liking them so much on...
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8 DIY Face Masks for Acne You Should Try Today

diy face mask for acne
When you’ve got a date on Friday and your skin isn’t cooperating, a DIY face mask for acne is what you need to save the date. Acne is not just a problem for teens going through awkward puberty; it can also affect women and men of all ages. This could...
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20 Most Popular Beauty Hacks in Pinterest

beauty hacks
Beauty hacks are a woman’s best friend. They’re fast, easy, inexpensive, and they’re ingenious. No wonder beauty hacks are so popular in Pinterest. To help you save even more time, we’ve compiled the best and most popular beauty hacks in Pinterest. 20. Use Apple Cider Vinegar as toner....
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20 Best Nail Art On Pinterest This Week

best nail art
If you’re searching for the best nail art in the Internet or on Pinterest, then look no further. We’ve put together the best nail art designs based on their popularity in Pinterest. 1. The Bombshell These acrylic nails with a matte finish and glitter nail highlight are definitely...
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15 DIY Beauty Hacks That Really Work

diy beauty hacks
Nothing ruins a morning routine more than a winged eyeliner that just won’t wing it. Fret not, as these top DIY beauty hacks will save the day and your sanity. Because let’s admit it: you’re not really lazy, you just don’t have the time. From contouring like a...
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10 Effective Ways on How to Get Thicker Hair 

how to get thicker hair
With so many factors both internal and external that contribute to hair loss, a lot of people experience thinning hair as they age. So, while your problem is still manageable, it helps to find ways to get thicker hair once you first start to notice the thinning to...
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