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How to Make Nails Grow Faster – And Stronger!

how to make nails grow faster
So you want to learn how to make nails grow faster. The bad news: You can’t actually make your nails grow faster than nature intended. Dermatologists say they grow at a fixed rate for each individual, at an average of 1/8 inch per month. The good news: Your...
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Twenty Surprising Natural Ways To Whiten Teeth

natural ways to whiten teeth
Nowadays, people are turning to natural ways to whiten teeth because of unappealing side effects from commercial teeth whitening products. These side effects include  painful tooth sensitivity (an alarming 50% of bleaching cases!), gum irritation, uneven whiteness, blue-gray enamel, and even internal damage requiring a root canal if...
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30 Most Inspiring Beauty Quotes In Pinterest

inspiring beauty quotes
Everybody needs a daily dose of beauty quotes to remind themselves just how beautiful they are and how happiness is ours to claim every day.  Do you need some inspiration and stimulation? Here are the 20 most inspiring beauty quotes from Pinterest from women (and men) who know very...
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