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These Amazing Beauty Bloggers Transformed Their Haters’ Demeaning Words Into Gorgeous Makeup Looks.

makeup shaming

More and more,  video bloggers are starting to reveal what really happens when you share beauty tutorials on the internet: lots and lots of makeup shaming.

They get comments that called them “disgusting” for showing their bare faces, “fake” for wearing too many layers of makeup and other insults that are demeaning.

On the bright side, these women are taking all the negativity and turning in into something positive and fun – by schooling these haters with their own hateful words.

Beauty blogger Bella DeLune was being called a “clown” and then she brilliantly created a clown- inspired contouring and transformed it into a stunning makeup finish. (source: http://www.mtv.com/)

Watch the fun video below

Other beauty bloggers like makeupby_alo have been following suit by taking the actual mean words people have called them and creating beautifully contoured looks of out ’em.

Watch the video taken from her instagram profile below.