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Airbrush Manual


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is my airbrush gun working? Air is coming out from the tip before I even pull back the lever. I’m afraid once I use the liquid foundation it’s going to spray all over the place.

A: Yes, this is normal. Don’t worry, it’s only air that comes out, the liquid won’t.

Q: The stylus cup has no cover, will I make a mess when mixing?

A: Absolutely not. Always start with a small amount of liquid foundation, a little goes a long way. To mix, simply cover the spitting end with a finger and pull back lever. This will reverse airflow and mix the liquid foundation in the cup.

Q: The color of the blush and shimmer is too pink, what do I do?

A: Mix it with the foundation until the desired color is achieved.

Tutorial Video:

PART I (0:00 – 4:15)
Why Make Me A Diva? – Complete set of foundations and blush
Airbrush VS Regular Makeup
Start playing around with water. Watch distance – circular motions. Adjust pressure accordingly.
MIXING: Loosen cap OR cover the spitting end to prevent airflow – then pull lever.
PART II (4:16 – 7:24)
Finding your foundation color
Mix and test on hand first to get the right color
Then apply on face evenly
See the difference!
PART III (7:25 – 10:09)
Clean gun first before putting on blush
Finishing touches: shimmer, blush & powder etc.
Practice makes perfect. 5 – 10 mins a day.