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15 Funniest beauty hack fails

Have you heard of beauty fails?

Beauty hacks are the latest trend. There are beauty hacks for the lazy girls and there are beauty hacks for the busy women.  They’re a fast and quick solution to our beauty dilemmas. No wonder we’re repinning and liking them so much on Pinterest, and sharing them so much on social media sites.

It makes us wonder though. Do they really work? Can any normal gal actually do these supposedly no-brainer beauty hacks?

Here’s a hilarious look at how some women’s end results with their beauty hack of choice.

1. Mustache Nails

These mustache nails look great!  At least the originals do. 🙂

mustache nails

Via craftfail.com

2. Pinterest Hairstyles

These pinterest hairstyles look so easy to do… on Pinterest.

hair fail

Via clairekerr.tumblr.com

3. Swirl Nails

These nails look absolutely darling. But, which nails will you end up with?

swirl nail

Via Twitter: @DanielleSuzan

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4. Ombre Lips

These kissable “ombre” lips are perfect for a night out date. When tried in real life, your date might think twice before going anywhere these lips!

ombre lips

Via gloss48.com

5. Ombre Eyes

Beautiful makeup art turns into raccoon slash panda art. This would look great on the set of Kung Fu Panda.

ombre eyes

Via instagram.com/yvonnenelsongh/

6. Beach Wavy Hairstyle

Why do we always think that when we choose a hairstyle, we end up looking like the glamorous model? Sadly for this lady, even this beach wavy hairstyle refused to cooperate!

beach hair

Via ambermaybe.com

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7. Braid Fail

Nearly there!

braid fail

Via 9gag.com


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