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best beauty bloggers

There are so many beauty bloggers on the Internet nowadays that it’s hard to pinpoint the best beauty bloggers of the lot. To make things easier for you, we’ve put together a list of the best beauty bloggers you should be following.

Find out who made our list! You can click on the names below to get to their blogs.

1. Teni Panosian

miss maven

Blog: MissMaven.com

Teni Panosian is an actress and blogger from Los Angeles. She started her blog because she became a beauty advisor to her friends and her friend’s friends due to her vast knowledge about beauty. Teni says that she comes from the standpoint and viewpoint of a consumer.

If you head on over to her blog, you’ll enjoy her DIY tutorials that feature herself. If you’re a visual person, you’ll definitely love her blog.

2. Marianna Elizabeth Hewitt

marianna hewitt

Blog: lifewithme.com

Marianna Elizabeth Hewitt is a TV host turned beauty blogger. She shares her personal style, beauty tips and travel adventures via her blog. We particularly love how Marianna shares her personal experiences – good and bad. It’s quite inspiring and motivating.

Marianna has been chosen as one of the top 10 best beauty bloggers of 2014 and she has also been named Newcomer of the Year in 2014 by Socialyte and Nylon Magazine.

3. Ann Colville Somma

ann colville somma

Blog: cultofpretty.com

Blogger Ann Colville Somma has a very unique blog. She writes about the best beauty products we’ve never heard of.

Ann does product development and innovation in the beauty industry. She says, “From drugstore to department store to there-is-no-store, these are my favorite cult beauty products.”

If you head on over to her blog, you’ll see a LOT of drool-worthy stuff that we gals go crazy about!

4. Kara Manos

kara manos

Blog: politicsofpretty.com

Kara Manos is a lifestyle blogger by night and a marketing manager for Decision Health by day. Kara says that she became a self-diagnosed beauty junkie since she first became tall enough to sift through her mother’s vanity.

Some blogs can be too overwhelming for newbies but not Kara’s blog. It caters and keeps in mind the newbie beauty junkie in mind as Kara talks about makeup, hair, skincare, nails and spa.

5. Sarah Howard

sarah howard

Blog: beautybanter.com

Sarah Howard is a beauty consultant in Los Angeles. Sarah has written for LA Times Magazine, LA Confidential, and Mean Magazine. Her blog, Beauty Banter, is known to be the first to write about incoming trends and product launches.

Sarah shares that her blog’s mission is to merge runway trends with real life and to give readers a VIP peek into the world of beauty. We’re in!

6. Amber Fillerup Clark

Amber Fillerup Clark

Blog: barefootblonde.com

Blogger Amber Fillerup Clark loves all the things we love – like hair, beauty, fashion and fitness and that’s what she blogs about. What makes her blog distinct though is how Amber shares her fashion and tips through her lovely every day life.

Amber Fillerup Clark

If you’ve got envy problems, you probably shouldn’t visit this blog. Amber is gorgeous, is married to her bestfriend, has a darling baby, and her blog is a visual feast. We love the photography!

7.  Elizabeth Dehn

elizabeth dehn

Blog: beautybets.com

Elizabeth Deln is a beauty editor for Mpls. St. Paul Magazine and ClementineDaily.com. The blog has contributors but what has won us over is the witty writing and dry humor of Elizabeth. It’s so much fun reading through the blog articles!


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