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15 Funniest Beauty Hack Fails

beauty fails
Have you heard of beauty fails? Beauty hacks are the latest trend. There are beauty hacks for the lazy girls and there are beauty hacks for the busy women.  They’re a fast and quick solution to our beauty dilemmas. No wonder we’re repinning and liking them so much on...
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20 Most Popular Beauty Hacks in Pinterest

beauty hacks
Beauty hacks are a woman’s best friend. They’re fast, easy, inexpensive, and they’re ingenious. No wonder beauty hacks are so popular in Pinterest. To help you save even more time, we’ve compiled the best and most popular beauty hacks in Pinterest. 20. Use Apple Cider Vinegar as toner....
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15 DIY Beauty Hacks That Really Work

diy beauty hacks
Nothing ruins a morning routine more than a winged eyeliner that just won’t wing it. Fret not, as these top DIY beauty hacks will save the day and your sanity. Because let’s admit it: you’re not really lazy, you just don’t have the time. From contouring like a...
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10 Effective Ways on How to Get Thicker Hair 

how to get thicker hair
With so many factors both internal and external that contribute to hair loss, a lot of people experience thinning hair as they age. So, while your problem is still manageable, it helps to find ways to get thicker hair once you first start to notice the thinning to...
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Top 10 Men Hairstyles in 2015 

top men hairstyles in 2015
Being stylish and fashionable is not only for women; men have the right to express their style in a way that shows the world who they are, too. But apart from just choosing the right attire, shoes, and accessories, having the right hairstyle is also a must. With...
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How to Reduce Hair Loss after Pregnancy

hair loss after pregnancy
Men suffer from hair loss all the time as they age, and that’s why “male-pattern balding” is a phrase you’ve probably heard tons of times. But contrary to what most people think, even women are prone to hair loss, especially during certain points of their lives. According to...
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DIY: Natural Home Remedies for Hair Growth

Why Do We Lose Hair? It is normal for us to lose up to 100 hairs a day, which is really not all that significant considering that the average, healthy adult human head could have as many as 150,000 hairs. Therefore, there is no need to panic if...
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Best Shampoo For Dry Hair – An Informative Guide

People with dry hair often find it difficult to manage their hair and keep it looking healthy and attractive. Dry hair which appears porous and rough is usually dull and brittle. While lack of moisture is considered one of the primary factors that can lead to dry hair,...
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How to Straighten Hair – 5 Easy Ways

The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side? Do you have wavy or curly hair that is prone to frizz? Do you suffer from hair envy? Have you ever looked at a friend who has beautiful, smooth, straight hair like Jennifer Aniston and uttered the words, “Oh,...
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