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How to Make Nails Grow Faster – And Stronger!

how to make nails grow faster
So you want to learn how to make nails grow faster. The bad news: You can’t actually make your nails grow faster than nature intended. Dermatologists say they grow at a fixed rate for each individual, at an average of 1/8 inch per month. The good news: Your...
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15 Funniest Beauty Hack Fails

beauty fails
Have you heard of beauty fails? Beauty hacks are the latest trend. There are beauty hacks for the lazy girls and there are beauty hacks for the busy women.  They’re a fast and quick solution to our beauty dilemmas. No wonder we’re repinning and liking them so much on...
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20 Most Popular Beauty Hacks in Pinterest

beauty hacks
Beauty hacks are a woman’s best friend. They’re fast, easy, inexpensive, and they’re ingenious. No wonder beauty hacks are so popular in Pinterest. To help you save even more time, we’ve compiled the best and most popular beauty hacks in Pinterest. 20. Use Apple Cider Vinegar as toner....
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20 Best Nail Art On Pinterest This Week

best nail art
If you’re searching for the best nail art in the Internet or on Pinterest, then look no further. We’ve put together the best nail art designs based on their popularity in Pinterest. 1. The Bombshell These acrylic nails with a matte finish and glitter nail highlight are definitely...
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15 DIY Beauty Hacks That Really Work

diy beauty hacks
Nothing ruins a morning routine more than a winged eyeliner that just won’t wing it. Fret not, as these top DIY beauty hacks will save the day and your sanity. Because let’s admit it: you’re not really lazy, you just don’t have the time. From contouring like a...
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Nail Technician School – What You Will Learn 

Nail Technician School What You Will Learn
Many women today are interested in becoming nail technicians. So many people love going to the salon, and they usually end up spending a lot just to look and feel good. The positive news with this is that nail salons and spas have steadily become more profitable over...
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Ideas For Toe Nail Designs

Nail Art Ideas for Your Toes.  Nail Art seems to be gaining increasing prominence in the world of fashion. We see movie stars on the red carpet, celebrities out and about town, models on runways, and even high school and college kids sporting a dazzling array of nail...
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