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natural ways to whiten teeth

Nowadays, people are turning to natural ways to whiten teeth because of unappealing side effects from commercial teeth whitening products. These side effects include  painful tooth sensitivity (an alarming 50% of bleaching cases!), gum irritation, uneven whiteness, blue-gray enamel, and even internal damage requiring a root canal if the chemical leaks into a tooth cavity or crack.

But why are people so adamant about turning their teeth into glistening pearly whites after all? The answer can be gleaned from the following statistics.

In romance, 71% of women in Match.com judged men based on their teeth. At work, a research firm found that job applicants have a 58% increased chance of getting a job offer and a 53% increased chance of starting at a higher salary if they have white teeth.

In short, people get a distinct advantage overall with pearly whites.

If you want whiter teeth yourself and want alternative and safer solutions, here are twenty best natural ways to whiten teeth.

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10 Do’s:

1. Do use activated charcoal

activated charcoal

Activated charcoal is specifically meant for use as medicine and can be purchased from natural health stores and some drugstores. It absorbs chemicals and can be used to pull stains off your teeth.

To use, coat a toothbrush with the activated charcoal and gently massage your teeth with it for two minutes before rinsing.

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2. Do brush your teeth after eating and drinking


Some food and drink can leave color stains or acids that break down the enamel, exposing the yellow dentin underneath. Brushing your teeth immediately will remove the remains of your meal before they can affect your teeth permanently.

3. Do brush your tongue regularly


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Your tongue can collect an astonishing amount of bacteria, which can end up staining your teeth.

Use long strokes to brush, starting from the back of the tongue, and wash the brush in between strokes to get rid of the bacteria.

4. Do change your toothbrush every three months

new toothbrush

Stubborn stains and plaque hiding between your teeth?  Swap out that toothbrush with tired, bent bristles for a new one to get a more thorough cleaning.

5. Do eat fruits, nuts, and raw vegetables

eat fruits and nuts

Eating raw carrots, cauliflower, cucumbers, apples, and nuts can remove plaque and stains on the tooth surface.

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6. Do use coconut oil pulling


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Before brushing your teeth in the morning, place a tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth. Swish it around and in between your teeth for 15 minutes. Spit it out afterwards and rinse with water.

This will gradually remove tooth stains and reduce bacteria that cause plaque and tooth decay. As a bonus, it also cure bad breath and remove toxins from your mouth.

7. Do eat foods rich in calcium and phosphate

calcium rich food

The American Dental Association reports that dairy products, meat, eggs, fish, almonds, and leafy greens keep your tooth enamel strong and help rebuild it by adding minerals into the tooth abrasions caused by acidic food.

8. Do chew sugarless gum

chewing gum

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Emphasis on sugarless.  Chewing will increase your saliva flow, which in turn washes away stain-causing bacteria.

9. Drink milk after eating sweets

drink milk

Wash down your cookies with milk. Studies show that drinking milk lowers the level of acid in the mouth from plaque-producing bacteria, more so than water or juice does.

Don’t drink the milk together with the sweets as this turns the milk syrupy and sweet, which is bad for your teeth.

10. Do eat cranberries

eat cranberries

Cranberries contain polyphenols that lower plaque buildup on teeth, thus reducing the discoloration.

The cranberries must be natural; many cranberry-flavored products have sugar in them, which helps increase plaque.

Our list of natural ways to whiten teeth also has some don’ts.

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