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The Truth About the Best Airbrush Makeup Foundation

A lot of women today spend a lot of time and money on various beauty products just to look their best. From clothes to makeup, everyone simply wants to look their best, especially in today’s world where people place high importance on how you look. Apart from special events, women want to make sure their makeup is perfect and completely flawless on a daily basis. Unfortunately, using traditional foundation sometimes doesn’t work best. But thanks to the revolutionizing technology of airbrushing, you can have a high coverage makeup without having to worry about thick texture that feels heavy on your face.

When you start searching for a brand, you often face a wide array of choices. From brands catering to home users to superior brands that are widely used by professional artists, the best airbrush foundation kits actually depend on several factors.

What You Need to Know About Airbrush Foundation

Before settling on a particular airbrush foundation, you need to at least know what airbrush foundation is and how it actually works. In that way, it is much easier for you to weigh your choices later on depending on your skin type and other preferences. Airbrush foundation is different from traditional foundation in the sense that you use a compressor to achieve a fine texture on your skin. Depending on the formulation of the product, most airbrush foundations you find on the market today are water-based and have long-lasting coverage. If you are in search of a foundation makeup that can last for 16 hours or more, you should definitely invest in an airbrush foundation kit. Contrary to what some people might believe, this product is not just for professional artists. You do not have to be a model or a celebrity to use airbrush foundation. Nowadays, it is widely used for events and even for daily wear, especially if you can find an affordable airbrush brand that you can put on yourself.

What is nice about using an airbrush foundation is that it has more coverage than the usual foundation and can be blended to create a beautiful, flawless look. This is basically why many professional makeup artists in the industry prefer airbrush makeup for video and photo shoots. By using airbrush, you can easily cover scars and other imperfections that you would not want to show in a high definition camera setting. So when you look at models and celebrities, it appears as if they really have perfect looking skin even if not all of them do. For those who have tattoos, scars and other imperfections, the excellent coverage of an airbrush foundation can do the work. In using airbrush, even those who have sensitive skin do not have to worry about harmful ingredients since there are brands that even make use of vitamins and minerals in their product formulation.

Choosing the Best Airbrush Makeup Foundation

Prior to buying the best airbrush foundation, you have to take a look at what you need first. You need to know your skin type and skin tone. Do you have normal, dry or oily skin? Are you acne prone? How about your skin complexion? These are just some of the questions you need to ask yourself. Once you know what you need, it is easier to evaluate the product based on its features and what it can offer you.

Top 5 Best Airbrush Makeup Foundation:

Ingredients Used

First of all, you should look at the formulation of the foundation itself. This is extremely important especially if you happen to have acne-prone skin. You need to purchase an airbrush foundation that does not contain parabens, oil, fragrance or any other skin-irritating ingredient that could make your skin condition much worse. Aside from the product ingredients, you need to consider the coverage and how it will look on your face. You would not want to use a product that appears cakey on your face. As much as possible, you want it all to look light and natural.

Ease of Use

To get the best coverage, you do not just factor in the effectiveness of the airbrush foundation. Unlike traditional foundation in which you use a brush or your hand for application, you need to use a compressor for airbrush makeup. There are some instances where users encounter problems since the compressor is not that powerful and can be quite difficult to operate. Before you choose a brand, make sure you look at the technical specifications and whether people find that particular product easy to use or not. Regardless of how badly you want to get that perfect airbrushed look, you do not want to end up wasting a lot of time figuring out how to do it the right way if you can find an airbrush foundation makeup kit that is very easy to use. Choose the brand that can give you fast blending.

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Makeup Tools

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 2.02.21 PMThe foundation is just one of the products in the makeup kit. To get the complete look, you also have to use other makeup. Most airbrush makeup kits also contain primer, blush, bronzer, etc. Knowing the different items that are included in the package can help you decide which is the best airbrush foundation for you. For instance, it helps if the manufacturer provides a free manual and instructional materials so you won’t have any difficulty applying the airbrush foundation.
Lastly, read product reviews from reliable sources. It is challenging to find the best airbrush foundation if you have not yet tried it personally. Since you probably don’t want to spend money without trying a product first, it helps if you read the comments and what other people say about the airbrush brand. Getting these pieces of information enable you to choose which specific airbrush foundation suits your needs. Remember that you do not have to choose the most expensive airbrush brand. Learn from makeup experts and listen to what other users say about the brand so you get a quality product that is worth the money you spend for it.